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Name Organization
Louisa & Andrew Damara Planet Earth Regeneration Project -
Thomas Schneider
Hollie Hall, PhD Compliant Farms Certified
Justin Atkinson Green Clean Environmental Solutions Inc.
Andrew Timko Blueprint Coffee
Brian Wallace Endorfin Foods
Laura Bigbee-Fott Whites Creek Flower Farm
Carole Warner Homesteader
Dimitri Tsitos Mazi Farm - Regenerative Agroforestry
Sally Dodge Iroquois Valley Farms
Kenneth D. Murray Industrial Environmental Carbon
Peter Bane / Keith Johnson Patterns for Abundance Design / Consulting
John Wages Permaculture Design Magazine
Guilherme Simoes USJ
Jesse Smith Regenerative Capital, LLC
Ariane Burgess Regenerative Living & Leading
Charlie Durrant Regenerative Developments
Clarence Fountain CF.Tree
Brecht Deriemaeker Surplus Permaculture Design
Rhamis Kent The Permaculture Research Institute/Agroecological Natural Techn
Saskia Esslinger Teach Gardening
Gregory Landua Terra Genesis International
Connor Stedman Carbon Farming Course
Dyami Nason-Regan AppleSeed Permaculture
Ethan Roland Soloviev Regenerative Enterprise Institute
Marie Doyon Farmhouse Kitchen